Apparently, people with darker hues of hair are also pretty horny.

The data revealed 75 percent of people with black hair and 73 percent of brunettes have sex on a weekly basis.

Yep, when it comes rolling around in the sheets on the reg, you may be surprised to find not all hair colors are created equal.

But it's not really resentment that I feel toward the testimony, it's intrigue: a person’s hair color can’t directly correlate with enjoyment of life... AND they stood out more to attract the attention of hunters.

According to more recent studies, brunettes are thought to be the more rational and sensible ones, translating to the perception that blondes are more free-spirited (read: more fun).

I’m toying with the idea of getting my story to the mass-market of readers who don’t follow blogs.

My first choice outlet is conventional book format, but failing that I’m prepared to pursue the ebook format, self-publishing if I can’t find someone who shares my vision and can help make it happen.

If you’ve been suffering from a lack of action in the bedroom lately, you might want to call up your hair salon and book an appointment ASAP.

It turns out the root cause of your dry spell could actually be your hair color.That’s right: The survey proves blondes not only do it better, but also do it a hell of a lot more often.According to the survey, a whopping 79 percent of blondes have sex at least once a week, making these blonde bombshells the most promiscuous hair color of the bunch.If you’re not down to bleach your hair for the sake of getting laid, don’t worry.Skyn’s sex survey also revealed some of the best places to go if you’re in dire need of a midnight booty call."Speaking from experience, clothes that look sleek on brunettes can look suggestive on blondes," Aviva explained. You should definitely change into something more casual for the experiment. But that hemline paired with those boots and the blonde hair is unfortunately going to get you accosted." I was shocked.