It may seem strange that I am so dismissive of matching algorithms when is itself based on algorithmic matching.My complaint is that existing websites do nothing interesting with their algorithms.

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I'm sure that there's plenty of statistical evidence that on average, certain kinds of people tend to produce happier matings with certain other kinds of people.

But unless you plan to go on a few thousand dates, these statistical trends aren't meaningful to us as individuals and can't realistically hope to predict how two people will get along.

Websites tacitly convey that being single and available is something shameful that should be hidden. I think partly this attitude comes from an older generation of users who are genuinely embarrassed by online dating.

But it is also heavily reinforced by the need to defend existing business models - i.e., preventing users from contacting each other without payment.

It's worth calling out some failures here: Ok Cupid, despite having a solid product that appeals to a hip audience, is still rooted in the traditional anonymous model.

Zoosk, despite having implemented Facebook Connect, doesn't actually use the social graph in any meaningful way.

Oversharing is standard operating procedure, even if proper spelling and grammar is not.

These users are ready to bring social context into dating online.

Russian women are contemporary, well-educated, family oriented and …gorgeous.