Cordelia Fine’s (Norton, 2010) offers a systematic debunking of the idea that men’s sexual decisions are driven largely by brain chemistry.

after this he just kept having a go at me for wasting his time until i blocked him. So does Liverpool MUK, Rogers1234, spalding,lincolnshire,steve, funforon, benxx, DISCO TREV, harry4900/harvey4900 and surf_lozxx who r all known old pervs & seriously think teens WANT to chat to sad old men.

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can't there b more of an agreement about times that need to be covered?

just a suggesion anyways We are aware of a few of these people.

That doesn’t sound so troubling when you imagine an army of teen boys masturbating to images and videos of their female peers.

It’s considerably different to imagine men jerking off to pictures of girls young enough to be their daughters—or granddaughters.Since Hef published his first magazine in 1953, we’ve raised three generations of men to believe that women peak in desirability somewhere between 18 and 24. Ask a 17-year-old how often she’s been leered at (or worse) by a much older man.For too many men, the term “jailbait” isn’t a warning.“It’s not just me,” she adds, “it happens to most of my friends, almost regardless of what they look like or what they’re wearing.It makes me feel like I can’t trust anyone, like all men want just one thing. ”♦◊♦I’ve been writing and researching about relationships between older men and younger women since 2005.But Derbyshire wasn’t telling us a truth about women’s beauty—he was telling us a truth about the way we’ve socialized male desire.