Providing a trade source for panties is not only efficient, but it keeps people in line and allows them to enjoy their fetishes privately and anonymously. Panty-selling is within the realms of sex-work, which means that there is a cause for concern when it comes to boundaries and limitations.The only issue would be when a client or seller decides to use the information they acquire against anyone in the forums or websites. Sellers have to keep their identities safe in order to prevent clients from stalking them or vice-versa.In order to understand their motivation, you would have to look into why people have panty-fetishes in the first place.

But panty-buyers need not fret because a whole other bunch of panty-selling subreddits have taken their place.

For those of you who’d like to learn more, just hop on Reddit and search for the keyword.

All in all, it seems like a great way to earn money on the side.

If the person selling their wares knows how to keep themselves safe, they’re good to go.

Because of accessibility through used-panty-selling sites, people are less likely to commit crimes to fulfill their fetish.

Buying and selling used underwear is not illegal in most western countries because their laws don’t have any vague provisions against it.Buyers also see this as a necessary precaution because most of them do not broadcast their fetishes towards their families, friends, and co-workers.According to the sellers, there are only a few clients who are less than agreeable.The whole concept blew my mind because I had absolutely no idea that a pair of used panties could go for as much as ! The concept of selling used panties is not new at all.The easiest money I ever made in my life was the Christmas gift my grandmother gave me in 2003. I would probably do it, if it weren’t for the fact that it might be illegal here in my country, but damn, girls. The writer of the article actually stumbled upon a panty-selling subreddit on and it was already filled with sellers and clients who were methodically transacting in private under strict rules of anonymity.[Read: The kink list – 20 freaky fetishes that aren’t weird at all] Is it okay to have a panty fetish?