By practising your profession we mean that you have been drawing on your professional skills and or knowledge in the course of your work.For most health and care professionals this will mean that they have been working in clinical practice, teaching, management or research; but others may have been drawing on their professional skills in other roles.

We recognise that it might not always be possible to access a period of supervised practice and that particular return to practice courses may not be available in certain areas; which is why we have tried to be as flexible as possible with our requirements.

If you choose to undertake private study, we ask that this makes up no more than half of the updating period.

Care also offers a variety of resources and support tools for living a more compassionate life. Care Pages has a simple, singular mission: to ensure that no one faces a health challenge alone. Create a Care Page and start building your support circle today!

Private-labeled Care Pages websites are also offered by over 625 U.

The service allows you control over communication and provides an easy way for friends and loved ones to respond with messages of support.

How to Build Care Pages Follow the Care Pages prompts to build your own Care Page.The form will ask for a summary of the activities that have been undertaken, including the number of days spent on each area.It will need to be countersigned by a health and care professional from your part of the register to confirm that the information is correct.For example, you would not have to meet our requirements if you are a new graduate who has not yet practised since registering or if you have returned to the Register following a career break and you are renewing your registration for the first time.Providing us with information Once you have completed the updating period you will need to complete a return to practice form setting out the activities that you have undertaken.The EAC Resident Consultation Service (RCS) is simple card game which informs managers and housing providers on how their residents value their home, the communal facilities, and the services they receive.