The 35-year-old actress - who ended her four-year marriage to actor Brad PITT earlier this month (JAN05) - became close to 38-year-old Cassel while filming their latest movie on location in Chicago and London.

And the relationship has continued in Los Angeles, where post production work on the film continues, reports British newspaper the DAILY STAR.

Jennifer Aniston does a great job breaking out of her Friends character that everyone associates her with and that so few sitcom actors have been able to do. You definitely want to catch this one in the theater.

The foreign language film, directed by Christophe Gans, will be released in select theaters on September 23. After the wreck of his ships, a financially-ruined merchant (André Dussollier) exiles himself in the countryside with his six children.

I feel like the so-called bad guys are never totally bad.

I guess it's the closest thing I can do to reality: people act nice but nobody really is nice. How we balance it is what makes something interesting...

El botón/leyenda puede variar según tu dispositivo.

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In my opinion, this could be very well one of the best thrillers of the year.

The trailer for it really doesn't do it justice for what the movie really is; a dark, suspenseful, edge of your seat thriller.

Charles Schine (Clive Owen), un ejecutivo casado, coge el metro-tranvía de todas las mañanas, en el que viaja una atractiva mujer, Lucinda Harris (Jennifer Aniston).