The thing had a Hydramatic transmission and you could never tell when it was going to shift up, or down and it shifted hard!Eventually with fireman and town employee John Fitzgerald volunteering his time with the Town's Galion grader, the grade slowly started to come up to a reasonable level and over the course of a little more than a year we had built the area up to where it could be seeded and a field laid out, much as you see it today.

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high classes moved in, Weedsport football had by then morphed from 6 man to 8 man squads. This situation was unsatisfactory for several reasons, not the least of which was the long hike from the high school, over science hill to the old field and back, which ate up a lot of practice time.

Weedsport football was in a state of flux for several years. building was continued to be used for practice and games, which continued to be played on Friday nights under the lights.

Tisch, the chairman and chief executive of the Loews Corporation and CBS Inc.; A.

Alfred Taubman, the shopping center magnate, and Jack Dreyfus, the founder of the Dreyfus Corporation.

Flom, a corporate lawyer in New York who was a friend of Mr. Venditti of the New York City Police Department was killed by mobsters in 1986, Mr. Venditti a check for $20,000, set up a $100,000 trust fund to pay for the education of the three Venditti children and paid off the family's mortgage.

He did much the same in 1984 for the Kienast family of Liberty Corner, N.

Just about every type of fundraiser you can imagine was used to generate funds.

On April 1, 1973 a pancake breakfast was held at the Grange Hall which netted 0.00, a snowmobile raffle was held which earned 0.00.

Petrie, the retailer and philanthropist who gave to charities, arts institutions and people he read about in the newspaper, died on Sunday at his home in Manhattan. One of the country's wealthiest men, with a fortune estimated at 0 million by Forbes magazine, Mr.

Petrie, who had been ill most of this year, died of lung and kidney problems, his wife, Carroll, said.

That practice of testing merchandise in a few locations is now used by the Limited Inc. While the company's business floundered, its shares continued to attract investors because of a shrewd investment Mr. In 1978, he began accumulating shares of a little-known toy retailer, Toys "R" Us, whose stock traded for what amounted to pennies.