They come in many different sizes, the holes have different patterns, and the corners have different shapes.When you get ready to replace your hinges, take 1 of each type to the hardware store so you can match them up (your front door may be different from your interior doors).There are many different styles, including some that magnetically hold your door open (much cleaner than using door wedges, which often slip anyways). If the new one is fitting loose, take some cardboard matches (without the tip), place one in the hole, and try again.

This also gives you more spare keys, since each package comes with 2-keys.

Tip #6: Use Kwikset Smart Key locks for exterior doors This is such a great concept.

Although our house was only a few years old, it was basic, and everything was “gold”.

Don’t get me wrong, I love certain things gold, however, none have to do with door knobs, light fixtures, or hinges.

So we had figured out a solution for the pulls, but still had hinges and struts to contend with. **The key here is to spray 2 to 3 thin coats of paint. I know it’s not the BEST picture but I’m trying to do a big reveal so I don’t want to show you too much.

(Struts are those little levers that hold overhead cabinet doors up so you don’t bonk your head) I REALLY didn’t want to buy new. If you spray too heavily, it will run and be a junked up mess. It’s easy and you don’t need to mess with painting screw heads. From the picture, you can see it looks clean and classic rather than dingy and dated.

Add authentic period charm to your cabinet doors with our antique cabinet and kitchen cabinet hinges.

We carry a huge selection of cabinet hinges, including butterfly hinges, offset hinges and rustic cabinet strap hinges.

They do have some great features though, so it is really a personal choice of what you feel more comfortable with.

Tip #7: Don’t forget to replace the doorstops Doorstops are probably the easiest thing to replace, and they really complete the look.

Although this can be a fairly simple task, here are some tips to save you money and headaches.