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Even if she’s throwing about the ‘all too often’ random comment or making the ‘all too often’comparisons, unless it is in context with the subject of the discussion, then this should set off alarm bells. If she is planning your future together, even if her plans extend to just a month or two , make sure she knows that you are the director, the script writer and the plot developer of your life – NOT HER. When you say your with your friends, she deliberately texts throughout the evening , or makes up some story about how she ’s upset and how she needs you to call right away, regardless of your wish to spend time with your friends. Want to read more about Kezia, the world’s leading dating expert for men?

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The earliest Minton markings were a blue enamel overglaze that featured two intersecting curving lines with the letter M between them at the bottom and, below it, a pattern number.

This marking was reserved exclusively for gilded pieces.Pieces made prior to 1800 that are not gilded may have no markings.During the 1820s, the Minton marking was simply two crossed swords.Impressed into the soft clay during manufacture, many name-marks such as 'Wedgwood' are produced in this way from metal or clay stamps or seals. Painted marks, usually name or initial marks, added over the glaze at the time of ornamentation, as were some stencilled marks.Printed marks transferred from engraved copper plates at the time of decoration. The design of this teacup and saucer is taken directly from a single Minton tea cup and saucer in the Royal Collection. The background shows a gold and raised white trellis design with fleur-de-lys.