You will see an “Upgrade Essential” pop-up window appear if your Cydia version is out of date.

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Tap on the “Close Window” and then go back to your home screen to re-open Cydia again.

Now your Cydia will be updated to the latest version.

Alright I've searched and haven't found an answer to this yet.

I've got no errors when refreshing, i've uninstalled and reinstalled repos, edited the in private/apt/etc/...

The new Sources section also provides you with an option called “All Sources” which replaces the old Sections tab.

The Simple/Expert toggle that was previously located at the top of the Installed section within the Manage tab has been replaced with an easy selector located at the top of the new Installed section.

An additional sorting option has been added, however, which can show you recently installed packages.

This could come in handy if you run into a problem after installing a few tweaks and need to nail down which is causing the problem.

Tap on the “Upgrade Essential” and top on the “Confirm” again on the next screen.