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I spent many hundreds of hours in sexually graphic conversations with men in cybersex chatrooms.

The detrimental effects that those six months had on me are too great to mention in detail, but I can tell you the worst of them. But worst of all, I lost respect for myself and it took a lot of time to get my life back.

Its purpose is to inform United States Air Force (USAF) personnel of this new online scam and offer mitigating steps that can reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

(U) INTRODUCTION (U) Cyber criminals are continually developing new online scams to take advantage of the unsuspecting public. Cyber sextortion generally refers to an act of using sexual images (obtained either through enticement or malicious code) in order to extort money from unsuspecting victims.

" Instantly, her screen fills with invitations from eager men from all over the world who urge this "foxy babe" to come to a Private Room for a more intimate conversation.

Then she sends a bolder message: "Any guys out there looking for a foxy babe tonight?

(U) Once the victim has accepted the perpetrator’s friendship invitation, the “online relationship” commences and perpetrators quickly change the nature of the conversation from friendly to sexual.

At this point victims are invited to participate in live video communication and are lured into cybersex activities.

No one knew where she had gone, what she had done, or the language she had used the night before. I began having sexual fantasies about what I saw there (sometimes involving masturbation). I know of many women who have fallen into the same trap that I did for one reason or another.

Her reputation in her real-life community remained intact. I found myself looking for time when no one was around so I could get on the Internet.

Nonetheless, USAF personnel should be vigilant about protecting their personal information online and refrain from engaging in sexual activities through the internet that may potentially make them vulnerable to extortion.