YOUR MAMAS NOTES: The other day Your Mama received a covert communique from Lovely Leslie in Los – where?

The small kitchen has flat fronted cherry cabinetry–at least it looks like cherry–and all stainless steel appliances.

The hall bathroom is wrapped in a dark colored square glass tile with a white grout and has a tub/shower combination with a large frosted window and a glossy, wood plank counter top with a shallow, white and box-like sink sitting on top.

Some in the Lesbian Gay Bi and Transgender community whined that his role as excessively vain and hyper-horny only perpetuated negative stereotypes of a gay men.

Others found the portrayal refreshingly transgressive and liberating and still others, those without sexual hang ups or a political axe to grind, just thought Mister Harold as Brian Kinney was nothing more than nine kinds of hot and sexy.

Played "Doctor Cukrowicz" in the Roundabout Theatre's off-Broadway production of Tennessee Williams' "Suddenly Last Summer", directed by Mark Brokaw. I mean, let's face it, it's 2000 and people are beginning to wake up on some level.

The play was held in the Laura Pels Theatre in the Harold and Miriam Steinberg Center, NYC. I think that, as I was saying earlier, there's just no denying the impact that showing people the truth can have.It was only a matter of minutes before we were able to put a familiar face to Gale Harold’s unfamiliar name.Many of the children will know handsome Mister Harold as that dumb ass Susan Mayer’s rebound boyfriend on the last season of .According to his resume on the is painted in two shades of baby poop, has a three car garage at street level and, according to property records and listing information, the two units combined measure 2,566 square feet.Listing information barely describes the smaller, 2 bedroom and 2 unit but does state it is in “good” condition with “some upgrades.” Listen chickens, whenever Your Mama sees this kind of lackluster listing language we can’t help but think that it’s just real estate speak meant to downplay that the place is a hot mess with a dirty tenant.One includes a very messy desk and bookshelves and some kind of chair with hideously scrolled arms and the other a bunch of work out equipment that Your Mama can’t identify because we don’t bother with that nonsense.