They continued to collect adoption subsidy payments for Adam, approximately 0 a month, until his eighteenth birthday.When they declared bankruptcy in 2002, they listed him as a dependent.Adam Joseph Goldin is reported in 10 company filings.

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She had tried to locate him through the Kansas Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services (SRS) and discovered the SRS believed he'd lived with the Herrmans until he turned eighteen, something Espinosa knew was untrue.

Adam's adoptive older brother, Justin Herrman, says his mother physically abused Adam, but he says he never saw Doug hurt the child and that sometimes Doug tried to stop Valerie from abusing him.

He was homeschooled, but his younger siblings attended public school.

Doug and Valerie later stated Adam ran away from home during the first week of May 1999, after Valerie spanked him with a belt.

This 35-year-old British national has been a director since September 9, 2012.

Among the professionals Goldin worked with we can name: Russell Harvey Symons (from 2012-09-09 to 2013-05-20), a renowned director at Alma Primary, and Niki Jackson, an established director at Alma Primary.

He lived in the Pine Ridge Mobile Home Park with his adoptive parents, Douglas Raymond "Doug" Herrman and Valerie J. Photographs of them are posted below this case summary.

Adam had been taken from his biological parents and placed in the Herrmans' care when he was two years old, along with his two younger siblings, and the Herrmans later adopted him.

This manager had worked in Holmdale Mansions Nw6 Freeholders Limited situated at 28-30 Cricklewood Broadway, NW6 1BG, in Cricklewood.