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Then while they fell asleep he takes his clothes off and approaches them one by one.

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could be cause i was in a relationship for 6 years and he called me names like that all the time, all it did was make me want to back hand him, now when i hear those words, i can feel the hair standing up on the back of my neck, and oh boy, who ever said them better watch out, lol. If you hadn't blinked a few seconds ago, he would have sworn that he was fuking a dead girl. If it humiliation that you like, then wouldn't this be humiliating: While doing it, he gets on the phone and starts telling his friends how bad you are at it. Whatever you say or do is cool as long as the other person digs it too. I play that role at work and I like to maintain it in the bedroom. Outside the bedroom, I'm like Richard Gere in Pretty Woman... And post some nastier pics.cause i,m tiredof looking at them same ole tities.u got it? Everytime a guy pulls my hair, or throws a slap on my body, I get ****ing turned on.

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