Never knew I would grow up to marry one of these bad-boy beauties, but I thought I would share a pic.

If you have hair like this, you must be damn fine your self.

I am a woman who has always had a thing for long-haired men. I'm not obligated to list every holiday here, am I? -Katie In my opinion Michael Jackson had the most gorgeous hair EVER all his life, but esp.

Guess it goes back to my childhood and love of fairy tales and their pictures, especially of medieval-style princes and princesses, also pirates and villains, who usually had long, dark hair. And this was Thanksgiving...was beautiful outside...the kitchen was super warm....

In fact, I have a trifecta: long haired, brunette and with a goatee. My husband used to have long hair and I woul run my hands through it endlessly. Here is a picture of it right before we cut it: Hi my name is Giselle and I have always loved men with long hair, not so much the long and matty look, but he long latin gypsy look, or a vampire look. Some guys are just not meant to have short hair and when it actually grew out, it was nicer than my own! He really does have beautiful hair and it pisses me off when we're in a store, and all these old women go up to him, grab his hair and compliment him on how "pretty" it is. Just figured that I hadn't seen a single redhead post since I joined. :-] Just posted this on my personal journal, figured you guys might wanna see too.

He looks a lot sexier with his long hair and it definitely makes for a crazier pin-wheel/head-bang seeing that we're both part of the metal crowd here in Tampa.

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