If a new junk message is detected, it can be analyzed and a counter-measure added to servers very quickly (usually a matter of minutes).If you’re using or Office 365 hosted email then your email is already being checked by the same Smartscreen technology before Outlook for Windows/Mac sees the messages.

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To spread the heavy load of email checking, big systems have an initial filter which quickly clears out the obvious spam emails then a second or more servers which do more careful checks of what remains.

In most cases, the messages that Outlook collects are ‘pre-filtered’ already.

If you’re one of the rare folks who have a truly unfiltered mail host (i.e.

all messages are delivered to your online Inbox with no spam checking) from you’ll gradually see an increase in undetected spam as Outlook’s Smartscreen filter becomes less relevant.

Any mail hosting service will have some level of spam filtering in place.

Certainly Gmail, Outlook.com/Hotmail, Yahoo mail etc all have effective spam filtering already in place. These online services are much faster and more effective at detecting and trapping new types of spam.The Outlook Junk Email feature will continue to work but will have little to do because better spam filtering is already happening ‘upstream’ at your mail host.Outlook’s Junk Email settings will still be there, so will the Junk Email folder. A check of our Junk Email folders shows no spam has been trapped by Outlook for Windows for over a year!The spam filter in Outlook should already have little or nothing to do because the ‘cloud’ has already caught and deleted the junk email.Most Outlook for Windows users should see no change in their email or amount of spam.There are messages you want to see which are mistakenly removed as spam with no notice to the intended receiver.