the advice you're doling out with such a liberal hand, you sort of suck? I've complained about this on numerous occasions to friends, we're all so perfect at fixing each other, but when it comes to ourselves, we're not very good. (I include a sample text, because the next question is usually, "But what will I saaaa-haaay? I was just BLAHBLAH (insert something specific but casual here that makes a reference to something you might have talked about) and thought of you. You can convey SO MUCH in a text message without saying a thing.) * Yeaaah.. " and you live happily ever after, but normally, in my experience, if you're not attracted to someone within the first hour of you guys hanging out, the chances of you being attracted to them in the future grow slimmer and slimmer.(Well, with a few notable exceptions, but those ladies are just Wonder Women anyway, and it's best not to mention them at all, since none of these rules apply to them.) Anyway, so I've gotten really good at the advice thing recently, and so I thought I'd share my top four Moments Of Wisdom with you guys. And if the answer to the former question is 'yes' then my question number two to you is do you want a really serious relationship with guy? *smiley face*" And, there's no question mark in this template, which means the ball is totally in his court, and if he likes you, he'll reply to your text. On the other hand, a lot of people I know thought this, and then the guy kissed them and then they thought, "Huh.

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(Usually, when I'm giving them shit advice, but hey, beggars can't be choosers.) It's my catch-all about revealing yourself, your expectations, even your little kinky quirks to the person you're considering dating right from the get go. Coz, I kinda want to be married in two years and so it'd be nice if you ALSO wanted to get married in two years, because then we're essentially not wasting each other's time." Sweetiebeans will either a) run for the hills or b) say, "Yes, Schmugglypoopoo.

Okay, maybe not on the first date, but you've been out a couple of times, you've maybe spent the night once or twice, he's familiar-ish with your friends and you with his, as in, you could say hi, if you saw them in the market, and are now shyly replying to comments left on his Facebook wall.

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Look for cues, how she was in the beginning of the evening versus now.

A vivacious person might get quieter, an already quiet person might begin to suddenly open up, defences will generally be down, offer an out, "oh, are you tired? Never, under any circumstances ask someone if you "can" kiss them. I mean, why lose someone just because you stood on your ego, right? I know the situation, it's a chick-flick favourite. Okay, opinions amongst you guys might be divided on this point, but I feel like it's cool to indicate some amount of interest.Chitgo: hahahame: ooooh, it's a girl dragonwith eyelasheswhich blink Chitgo: no its notme: yes it is Chitgo: girl dragons dont do muchme: girl dragons can be fierceand roary Chitgo: ballsme: like yours have done you a big fat good: PChitgo: they sit around bitching about the diminishing flames of their boyfriendsme: he was an old flamethe spark has gone Chitgo: my balls are quite the vanquishing heroes, thank u very much.hahahame: come on baby light my fire Chitgo: yeah thats like the 'lets get it on' for dragonsme: your.. me: (that was falling down noise)Chitgo: dudewhere do u fall? me: it is whistling through sky noise Chitgo: nonsenseme: then when you land you go crunchity crunchsplaaaaaaaaaat Chitgo: splaat? biff baam boomme: like an extended splat Chitgo: tananananananaananana BATMANme: holy ravioli! but i would pwushi would splat eveni'm so blogging this conversation Well, WE thought we were funny. I've been going out quite a bit, but that's not really new.