It's just her partner in this two-hander, young Mr.

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See more » Mia Wasikowska seems to be drawn to these quirky indie movies, and she should be because she's good at them. He's just not right for the role, and veers between unlikable and uninteresting.

She's the best thing about Restless, a drama about an emotionally wounded young man, a dying young woman, the ghost of a Japanese kamikaze pilot, and birds. Restless also seems a bit unfocused, as well, as if the concept wasn't properly expanded by the writer into a full story.

Instead, reports that Twigs and Pattinson spent the evening in different parts of the country. And is it getting in the way of Pattinson’s engagement to Twigs?

Wasikowska has not addressed the rumors surrounding her alleged relationship with Pattinson.

The way one character balances another feels a little schematic, and the movie is full of gestures and flourishes that distance us from the subjects in play - grief, death, healing. He's Enoch and she's Annabelle, the latter lifted from one of Poe's famous verses linking death and love.

Screenwriter Jason Lew also gives Enoch a magical realist companion, a World War II kamikaze pilot (Enoch and the pilot play Battleship, which is the movie's idea of a joke).

As far as Pattison’s engagement is concerned, his busy filming schedule prevents him from seeing Twigs on a regular basis.

If Pattinson and Wasikowska are hanging out with each other, then it’s possible that his engagement with Twigs is on the verge of ending, if it hasn’t already.

Pattinson and Twigs have not commented on the state of their engagement, nor have they addressed the rumors about Pattinson’s romance with Wasikowska.