Just a wonderful, relaxing place with some great people..a bit far out..great people.

Swimming nude in the ocean is primal..to the womb feeling.

I've been a nudist (both home and at nudist resorts) for a number of years, and the people I have met have been the nicest and most laid back people I know.

Yes, there are SOME that go to places that think nudity = sex...

Supposedly only a very small % of the population are nudists.

Kind of cold out to dust this thread off, but hey, there are also some wonderful hot springs... The kids that survive (in our 50s and 60s) just had a reunion at Little Beach on Maui this summer.

One guy even asked me if i just met her lolnudists in the sex and dating forum, from having traveled a lot, most europeans have been ok with it since the 50s, some since the 30s, it has nothing at all with sex over there, or dating, personally , i would hate to get a sun burn on my......other than skinny dipping while camping, i prefer to wear swim shorts Nudity is a natural state, I can't see why most people have a problem with it,guess it is the repressed lives that most americans have led and the inability to seperate nudity and sex....

I have enjoyed a nudist lifestyle for many years and if i was to be in a dating relationship i would hope that she would at least be willing to give it a try b4 forming an o'pinion on the subject,but in so doing,if it were not for her then i would respect her for her feelings on the matter and then tell her about all the fun i had when i got home! I would suspect most of the people that comment have never even tried nudism-- they are just people who THINK they know what it is about. If you haven't been to a nudist site, how can you judge what happens (or doesn't happen)?

Once was at a nudist conference where they had a live rock and roll band and about 600 nude folks were dancing, rockin and rolling...tribal, fun, energizing.

Yes, most folks look "weird" nude but they are also accepted.

So it wasn't difficult for me to transition to organized nudism back in the 70s.