“Unlike foreign countries such as Netherlands, we don’t have a (legally licensed and established) red light district,” Tan Sri Musa points out why certain cities legalize prostitution as they can then control and monitor the activity, ensuring safety of sex workers.“By establishing a red light district and installing CCTVs within the area, it will make it easier for the enforcers to control the problem, whereby they can track and monitor their movements, such as involvement in human trafficking or drug manufacturing and it is significantly crucial that the district should be controlled by the enforcers to prevent gangsterism,” he shared.Two years ago, Malaysian Digest reported that there are around 150,000 – unofficial estimation –prostitutes in Malaysia, with approximately 10,000 to 20,000 of them found in the Klang Valley.

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” "Prostitution Is Not A Singular Problem," Says Former IGP Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Musa Hassan shared with Malaysian Digest his perspective on why prostitution still persist when it is clearly illegal and how the issue should be dealt with in the current scenario. But sadly, there are ‘tourists’ who travel to Malaysia – claiming to travel – but instead engage in prostitution,” Tan Sri Musa said.

“And because it is an illegal activity, these syndicates operate illegally and spread like wildfire as there is lack of control with regards to curbing illegal activities, which then breeds other illegal activities such as human trafficking because these syndicates will traffic in girls and push them into prostitution.” Tan Sri Musa strongly emphasised that prostitution is not a singular problem as it relates back to a variety of illegal activities such as gambling, drug use, and illegal business operations like clubs, discos and pubs – continuing to add that Malaysia does not welcome prostitution or any illegal activities for that matter.

’ Why do these girls – who undeniably have a whole life ahead of them and are educated enough to be well-aware that it’s illegal – engage in prostitution?

With that thought in mind, has reached out to various stakeholders to help shed some light on the matter.

I didn’t go to my parents because they’ve spent a bomb and sacrificed everything during my first year and it was my selfish choice to enrol in IPTS – it’s not fair for them to struggle just to fend for my education when I could’ve accepted an offer to attend IPTA.” Candy confesses that her family and friends are not aware of her double-life and that they are under the impression she works three jobs.

She also shared that she concealed her identity by wearing wigs, contact lens and heavy make-up while 'working', whereas she is just the average, plain Jane by day, although blessed with a tall and slender frame with well-structured facial features.A 45-minutes session reportedly cost between RM165 to RM200 including room rental, whereas overnight services range from RM500 to RM700.Prostitution is deemed as a social taboo, however let’s take a step back and asked ourselves ‘Why?But above all, Tan Sri Musa, strongly believes action should be taken against the syndicate leaders and clarified that by doing so not only helps in preventing prostitution, but will prevent other illegal activities as well.He added that, “we need to have a strategic and standardised plan or action in tackling the syndicate leaders because if we did, all the syndicate leaders would have been caught by now – with the syndicate leaders gone, their subordinates will not proceed with their operations.“I first heard of escort services in conversations – that piqued my curiosity and eventually led me to the beginning of my double-life,” Candy said.