The selected curriculum is The Dibble Fund for Marriage Education, which includes two components: Connections: Dating & Emotions and Connections: Relationships & Marriage.

The curriculum has been reviewed and recommended by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Director of Family Consumer Sciences.

We must have these conversations early, as a means to dispel many pervasive myths about love, and to establish a new norm for what a healthy relationship is. The program guides students to answer the following questions: What is a healthy relationship, and what are the red flags that a relationship may be abusive?

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The High School Relationship Education Module will meet the Pennsylvania Department of Education Academic Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences.

The program can be offered after school, weekends or in conjunction with the Family and Consumer Sciences Curriculum, during the school calendar year.

What are the goals of the Healthy Relationships Program? A 2009 survey conducted by Safe Futures found that in our area of Connecticut 12% of high school students have experienced physical violence in a dating relationship.

Nationally, one in three adolescents is a victim of physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse from a dating partner, a figure that far exceeds rates of other types of youth violence.

Testimonials “I’ve learned how to deal with unhealthy relationships by using the tools (the educators) have given me.

In fact I have helped a friend who was in a physically abusive relationship and I got her to come to terms that she is being hurt and she can’t let it happen, later that day she broke up with him and she says she has ‘never felt more free’ than she does right now.

Additionally, an overview of the services Safe Futures offers is provided to all of our students with particular attention given to the domestic violence and sexual assault hotline numbers.

Students are encouraged to use the services themselves and/or refer others they know who may be in need now or in the future. The Healthy Relationships program is typically taught over five consecutive days.

It is designed to increase communication, enhance problem solving, and conflict resolution skills, with the goal of reducing substance abuse, at-risk behaviors, and teen pregnancy.