Home to students from more than a hundred countries, our campus is a kaleidoscope of cultures and languages.

The vibrant academic landscape, a reflection of the essence of diverse cultures, is just one among the many reasons why students choose us.

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The results of the The 2006 MLA Foreign language Enrollment Survey identified 219 languages taught at U. In both two- and four-year colleges Spanish remained the most taught language.

The number of students studying Spanish far surpassed French, the second runner-up, and German, the third most studied language.

The ability of speaking one or two or even more foreign languages helps people from different countries to develop mutual friendship and understanding.

We can also make our intellectual and cultural horizons wider through contacts with people of another culture.

Only 9 LCTLs had enrollments over 1,000, and only 27 of the 45 LCTLs were taught at 2-year institutions.

A mere handful of students studied the critically important languages of the Middle East such as Persian (2,053), Turkish (624), Hindi/Urdu(2,683), Dari (4) and Pashto (103).

The largest increases at four-year colleges between 20 were in Arabic (126.5%) and Chinese (51.0%).

However, even with with these significant increases, the total number of students studying these languages remained very small.

There is also a wide gap between the haves and the have-nots.

A signifiant number of elementary and middle school students, especially in rural and low socio-economic schools, do not have access to foreign language instruction at all. Out of a total enrollment of 17,648,000 students, only 1,522,770 (8.6%) took foreign language courses., overall enrollments in languages other than English rose by 12.9%.

There is a shortage of language professionals in the U. diplomatic corps, military, and intelligence agencies. The national deficiency in the languages and cultures of critical areas around the world is compromising American security and business interests at home and abroad.