These are not set in stone, but if you follow this advice then you will hopefully find that you are less likely to come unstuck and that everyone is more likely to come away happy.Be Up-Front First of all, you should make sure to be up-front about your situation and your dating history.And then theres the other reason the fact that youve been in one relationship for months, perhaps years, and have of course had moments where youve wondered what it would be like to date someone else. Despite the many benefits of being in a relationship it also has drawbacks and makes you less free in love.

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And this has many dangers leaving you more vulnerable than normal, leaving you more likely to hurt the other person, and preventing you from necessarily seeing things clearly.

To help combat this, here we will look at some rebound dating rules.

The conversation might be wonderful, they might be extremely talented, and your future goals might align perfectly – but if your date is still pining over “happier times” when the so-called “love of their life” was still around, the relationship might still be doomed to failure before it’s even begun.

The experts at Kelleher International screen prospective matches carefully not only for compatibility, but also for mental and emotional availability.

They dont have to like it, but extend them the courtesy of a warning.

Take it Slow Launching back into a serious relationship is not normally a great idea and its very important to be happy in yourself and as a single person again before you get back into the world of dating.

The break up of a long relationship is an incredibly painful and upsetting thing to go through and in many ways is akin to grieving over the loss of a loved one.

At the same time though you also lose a big part of your lifestyle and the sheer amount of change that you go through from your day to day routines to your circle of friends makes this a huge ordeal.

Someone might choose not to go out with you if they know you are on the rebound but its important you give them the choice.