You have plenty to choose from too: avatar customization, friends, themed chat rooms, even a room where you can host shared viewings of 360 degree still images.

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Each player is also given a room that they can spruce up using a variety of in-game items, like televisions (which will be able to show You Tube videos) and furniture.

To monetize, the site will allow users to buy extra credits to purchase virtual goods, and will also offer premium services for a fee.

obviously with the higher end devices that are running much more powerful chipsets and graphic processors that we can take the same environment that we’ve created, and instead of a skybox on mobile, it’ll be true 3D.

So we’ve created quite a clever pipeline for high end visuals for pc and console based vr that we then scale down to run on lower-end mobile devices,” said Paul Hollywood.

Hollywood told me that the complex scenes I saw around me were in fact a clever blending of a rendered space and pre-rendered 3D 360 video.

If he hadn’t clued me in to that, I don’t think I would have noticed.Such direct methodologies potentially lead to biases which may give a distorted picture of how ideal characteristics are reflected in avatars.Our research used a less explicit measure to test for the expression of ideal body image during avatar creation.There is no shortage of virtual worlds, with available offerings like Second Life, Small Worlds, Journeys (covered here), and a number of kid-friendly worlds (Google’s attempt, Lively, is shutting its doors this month).v Time is essentially organized like a social network, allowing you to search other users by name and subsequently send friend requests.As is now in open alpha, there’s little we can do but applaud their innovation, but at the same time I hope to see character animations fade into the metaphorical background until real hand-tracking or positionally-tracked controllers come to mobile VR.